4 thoughts on ““You Can’t Use Facebook Right Now”

  1. There is something weird going on with facebook.
    I don’t have it connected to my blog, as my original intent was to keep close to family in Europe. Not use it as the Writer of Words blog thingy. But every once in a while I would take a link of a blog post I wrote and post it in there and shared it.

    Lately, since we got back from Switzerland, it won’t let me. I’m ‘suspicious’ with my activity, apparently. ? All I’m doing is sharing something I wrote on another platform.

    It’s weird. Anyway I spend less than a little time on there these days because it’s just so…useless. (I do use it for the neighbourhood dog walking thing still, but that’s about it.)


    1. Well it’s a relief to know it’s not just me this is happening to. It is useless – I said when I quit the first time that I thought it was a necessary evil, but now I just think it is evil. And demented, apparently. Maybe if they had given a damn about privacy in the first place they wouldn’t have to be backpedaling so hard right now. I’m ready to wash my hands of it. SobJ better get busy tweeting…something😯

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  2. I’ve never used Facebook. I’ve been considering it since I’ve started blogging, but haven’t been super excited about the idea. Your recent posts suggest that I’ve made the right call by staying away.


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