Barbells and Buttercups

I was walking through the grocery store parking lot, freshly showered, sore and exhausted after my latest round of redecorating. I passed a white compact car that displayed several decals, stickers, magnets, whatever, all in pink. There was "good things come to those who sweat." There was a decal of an arm, with a prominent … Continue reading Barbells and Buttercups

How Not to Paint A Room: Front Room Walls

Weigh Jackson-Pollock style painting already on floor as a result of painting ceiling against "no two coats this time dammit" determination to soak and roll. Select soak and roll. Horse, barn, ship, sailed, water, dam. Proceed. Tape perimeter of newly painted ceiling. This may be a soak and roll job, but you WILL NOT mar … Continue reading How Not to Paint A Room: Front Room Walls