My heart was broken open the day my husband decided to enter hospice care. I wasn’t ready to become a widow and I still struggle to understand what that means for my life from here on. But I learned that love is the only thing that really matters and I know I want to live the rest of my life with love, gratitude, kindness and laughter. Especially laughter, because we shared a lot of that. And I’m pretty good at making people laugh, sometimes even intentionally!

If you are curious about why this blog is called “Ridiculouswoman,” read the post called “The Bulgarian,” and try to forgive me – as my husband did. And laugh with me about it, as he did. And tell me I have nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to apologize for, as The Bulgarian did.

Thanks for reading, and do submit your comments – it is a comfort to know someone is listening out there.

Thus I remain,

Your humble, grateful, devoted servant,