My heart was broken open the day my husband decided to enter hospice care, and I finally learned that love is the only thing that really matters. I wasn’t ready to be a widow and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to live as one. But I do know I want to live the rest of my life with love, gratitude, kindness and laughter. Especially laughter, because we shared a lot of that. And I’m pretty good at making people laugh, sometimes even intentionally!

The name “Ridiculouswoman” is primarily because of  “The Bulgarian,” but also because, although I’ve always been willing to be regarded as ridiculous for making people laugh (intentionally or not), I realized I’ll also be regarded as ridiculous for my determination to express (or try to express) love and gratitude. But that’s OK with me.

The monarch butterfly references come from the first poem Mike ever recited to me, from memory, as usual – from “Roots and Branches,” by Robert Duncan, which begins, “Sail, monarchs…”

About me, specifically:

I am a long and gratefully retired lawyer, who spent most of my career in non-profit administration and graduate/professional admissions. Caregiving knocked me off the professional track and gave me the opportunity to learn how to operate an electric pallet jack, drive a forklift and embrace financial uncertainty while pursuing (or trying to pursue) more of what I love – writing, singing, speaking and performing.

Some housekeeping stuff:

I have a “store” page that links you to my store on Zazzle. If you buy something, I get a commission. I’ll always let you know if I’m getting paid, or if I could get paid, for stuff like that.

Photos and images on the blog are either my own or obtained from a royalty-free site, usually Pixabay. If I have accidentally used something I shouldn’t, let me know and I’ll fix it.

I don’t know why some bloggers find it necessary to restate the obvious, that everything on here is copyrighted and can’t be re-used or re-blogged without permission, but if for some wild reason you didn’t already know that, I just said it, probably unnecessarily. Feh.

OK, back to this blog’s reasons for being:

Women my age are supposed to be docile and invisible.

I refuse.

Women my age aren’t supposed to feel, much less show, desire.


Women my age are supposed to, well, act their age.

Hell with that.

Hope you find something here you can relate to, or that makes you laugh.

Thanks for reading, please sign up to follow and do submit your comments – you don’t have to have a WordPress account to do that, and it is a comfort to know someone is listening out there.

Thus I remain,

Your humble, grateful, devoted,