My heart was broken open the day my husband decided to enter hospice care, and I finally learned that love is the only thing that matters.   “Ridiculouswoman” comes from the story of my shock, grief and temporary insanity in the face of my husband’s terminal diagnosis. I learned from losing Mike that I want to live the rest of my life with love, gratitude, kindness and laughter. Especially laughter, because we shared a lot of that. And I’m pretty good at making people laugh, sometimes even intentionally.

I left a short career in law for a long career in non-profit administration and graduate/professional admissions. Caregiving knocked me off the professional track and found me operating an electric pallet jack, driving a forklift, and embracing financial uncertainty to pursue writing.  I began with writing about widowhood and grew to include writing about how women my age are supposed to be docile and invisible, aren’t supposed to feel, much less show, desire, and are supposed to, well, act their age.

Hell with that.

Thus I remain,

Your humble, grateful, devoted,