Let’s Layer Some OCD on That Last Post

A few updates to my polar vortex post.

I revised it, to make it clear that I understand this is a very dangerous, life threatening situation.

And because I’m not that idiot 20-something that went outside in temperatures like this anymore.

That was a spectacularly stupid thing to do.

Just so we’re clear.

Please go back and read the revised version of that last post.



Because I worry about you. Pretty much all the time. It’s what I do best.

And because the wind is picking up.

I’ll be here, worrying about you, and praying for anyone still looking for a place to go.

Fretting, and listening to every pop and creak coming from inside and outside the house, I remain,

Your penitent, concerned, perseverating


5 thoughts on “Let’s Layer Some OCD on That Last Post

    1. Thanks, Judi – I didn’t want to seem to making light of such a serious situation. Reports so far are that there are fewer people on the street in Chicago do I hope that means people are finding a place to go.

      On Wed, Jan 30, 2019, 5:22 AM ridiculouswoman.com


  1. As a fellow OCD fan (I prefer “fan” to “sufferer”, because it puts people more at ease but mostly because I have a crippling fear of intimacy lol), it gave me a chuckle to go back and read your additions to your original post. All made perfect sense to the OCD brain to me! 😂

    I think meeting someone else with it is like finding out you and a stranger have the exact same tattoo. I had an Uber driver one time who was very subtle as he went through his compulsions/routines and when we got out of the car and I smiled at my husband and said, “Oh man, the OCD force was strong with that one,” my non-OCD husband had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. He hadn’t noticed anything!

    p.s. DON’T GO OUTSIDE. 😊

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