And what do we learn from this?

I changed the domain name of this blog.

Originally, I called it “nontoxicwoman.” Because I really do want to write about how I’m trying to be a nontoxic person. Because caring for my husband during his terminal illness, and losing him at only 54, made me realize that time is precious, that love is the only thing that really matters and that I’ve wasted far too much of my life being judgmental, impatient, patronizing, superior, contemptuous and dismissive. Stressed-out and telegraphing that to everyone around me. Toxic. Yecch. Don’t want to be her anymore.

So I started out with “nontoxicwoman” because the domain was available and it seemed descriptive. And after I got it all set up, I decided hey, maybe I should Google it and see what happens!

And the first thing that came up was a site about tampons. Nontoxic ones, I guess.

Oops. Not really wanting my readers (all me of them) to associate this blog with tampons, I decided to change the name of it.

So I spent the money to buy another domain called “ridiculouswoman.” Because it was available, and because I’m trying to write a book in which I describe myself as a ridiculous woman, which I am, frequently. Sometimes even intentionally. But this time I Googled it first.

And discovered that there’s some kind of online movie in Spanish called “Ridicula” which is translated “Ridiculous Woman” and is something about how a woman defies expectations about what a woman her age can do. I didn’t watch it. I’m sure it’s fine and everything, but hey, they didn’t buy the domain.

So I bought it anyway.

The book I’m trying to write is about my marriage and how I behaved while caring for my dying husband and it is nowhere near finished yet, so we’ll leave that for another day. Because there are plenty of other ways I’m ridiculous, so for now I’ll write about those.

For example, chickens.

Backyard chickens.

Whatever possessed me?






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