After my “AI” post, I found myself wondering: how long do you think it will be until someone uses an AI chatbot to create porn?


Shaking that one off, there’s a new entry on my Round Not Pound page, and I’m working on a related listicle for 27 Things.

In the meantime, I’ve made myself the organizer of a new MeetUp group that took off far faster than I ever expected, and I’m having fun indulging my event-planner side, researching venues and finding fun things for a bunch of “mature” adults to do while getting to know each other and making new friends.

I feel the same kind of manic energy I used to have when I was directing or appearing in a show or practicing for a concert with a choral group. It’s a good feeling–especially since when I feel that way, I tend to lose weight (and in this case that’s an add-on to the weight I’m already losing!)

Got the driveway shoveled before the worst of the cold hit, and now we’re getting warmer while the east coast is having frostquakes (we had those in our vortex a few years ago) and quick-frozen trees in Maine are exploding. Stay warm, cousins! Generally I’m not worried about ol’ Mainers like you, but this is an exceptional situation–no going outside to throw boiling water in the air! I knew people who did that at 27 below here in Chicagoland, but 45 below is a no-no. Good thing it is supposed to pass quickly.

Back with more soon. Until then, I remain,

Your newly energetic, putting-myself-out-there-in-a-more-modest-red-sweater-not-a-red-dress-although-no-promises-I’m-sure-to-wear-it-again-another-10-pounds-from-now,


2 thoughts on “3…2…1…

  1. I followed the link to the 27 ways that you know you are getting older, and I felt compassion, but it was also comforting to know that I’m not the only one who struggles to get out of an Epsom Salt bath without falling. Be safe.


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