Red Dress Regret?

OK, I know in my recent post, “Into the Light” I mentioned I’d soon be wearing two different red dresses – one to a holiday work event and one to church for lighting the fourth advent candle. I also said I’d be putting myself “out there” a bit more, to get busy living the rest of my life.

But when I got the photos another church member sent me to document Angelic Daughter’s and my participation in the advent candle lighting, I realized that dress was a little more “out there” than I had intended.

Ah, well. This blog ain’t called “Ridiculouswoman” for nothin’.

The other red dress, the fit-n-flare style (plus Santa hat) had the desired effect at work–compliments all around, and one (substantially younger) male colleague correcting another female coworker (both dressed in adorable adult holiday fleece onesies–what a great workplace that we can show up like that !) who said I looked like Mrs. Claus. He shot back, “she looks like Mrs. Claus’ daughter!”

Somebody trained that man well!

Seriously though, it was a lot of fun and I appreciated both compliments.

And excess boobage aside, I got a compliment or two at church, too, which wasn’t exactly the point, although I did regard the event as an occasion for a “reveal” of the 40-pounds less of me me. But mostly I just wanted to look nice for our big moment. I’ve been waiting more than twenty years for my little family (Angelic Daughter and me–Mike came to church once, as far as I can remember, on his second to last Easter) to be invited to participate that way. I’m usually just that too-loud soprano in the choir.

Don’t get me wrong–I consider music an essential, if not central, part of worship, even though ours couldn’t exactly be called a musically inclined congregation–more like the many mumbling mice from that vocal warmup. Other than my too-loud soprano voice (I do try to tone it down, but I know most of the congregation doesn’t believe me), we’re not a group that, as a whole, routinely produces a robust, joyful noise. That’s just not our forte (HA! see what I did there!) Although the choir is sounding great lately.

But this past Sunday, Angelic Daughter and I got to lead a key part of the service in which everyone participates through prayer.

And there I was with my brazen hussy boobage busting out the top of my cheery cherry dress, thinking I looked much more the bombshell than the biddy in that photo, dressed too young (and too tight) for her age.

I needed a reason to put some ridiculous back into Ridiculouswoman, and it looks like I found it, so I hope my femme fatale fantasy gave you a holiday ha-ha-ha! Wishing you happiness, peace, and dreams to hold onto, I remain,

Your deluded while trying to be delightful, foolish, frivolous, forty pounds down but still fat,


7 thoughts on “Red Dress Regret?

  1. I think your assets are delightfully displayed in holiday cheer and I salute you or your reveal in a perfectly lovely manner. Wish I could hear for myself that assertive soprano in the back row some time. Cheers! Judi


  2. It’s the Season of Joy, so continue your joyful moments and don’t let a little bit of slippage spoil the moment that you and your daughter shared. Best Wishes for the Holidays to you and yours!!


  3. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself, which is the important thing. I’m sure that the new year will provide you with plenty of opportunities to add a generous dollop of ridiculous to the mix. Enjoy the holidays, and all the best in 2023.


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