Pay Attention, There’ll Be A Quiz

I have discovered a sure-fire way to add new followers.

Write about weight loss. Just stuff those weight loss keywords in there up down and sideways until Google decides your site is nothing but spam. Use “weight loss” as a category, and throw it in there as a tag, too!

This is sure to result in you getting a handful, maybe more, of new followers, as I did after my post called “Endless Tunnel to Nowhere,” which happened to have a paragraph about my current effort to stay alive long enough to ensure Angelic Daughter will be cared for when I find myself “knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door.” (I’m not a big Dylan fan, but that song stuck with me).

However, I’m absolutely convinced that the only reason most, if not all, of those new followers (with handles that include words like keto, or fit, or belly fat, etc.) clicked “follow” for my blog is their desire to get me to follow them back, presumably as a way to promote their own blog about an exercise program, a dietary supplement, a nutrition plan, or some lose-weight quick secret they believe they’ve discovered.

So, let’s test that theory. Here’s a little quiz for my new weight loss followers. If you’re actually reading my blog, you should be able to answer these few questions easily. Just drop your answers in the comments and show me you’re in it for the writing, and not just for the follow. Here goes:

  1. How do I refer to my offspring? (if you don’t get this one I’ll KNOW you’re not reading this)
  2. Why did I start this blog?
  3. Name two other pages on this blog besides the main page where the latest posts appear.
  4. What series of novels is my favorite?
  5. Name two topics under which I have collected some of my best blogs.

There. That’s it. Surprise me!

Listening to crickets through my open windows, and expecting metaphorical crickets in response to this little quiz, I remain,

Your skeptical, but-trying-not-to-be-cynical, old-fashioned-blogger-who-still-believes-it’s-supposed-to-be-about-the-writing-and-hoping-you’re-not-already-rolling-your-eyes,


6 thoughts on “Pay Attention, There’ll Be A Quiz

  1. I only got two, but I’m new to your site. Angelic Daughter, and the loss of your husband. I shouldn’t have missed the question about your favorite series of novels, as those are the things I usually remember, but, hey, I tried. What’s passing?


  2. To be fair, my memory is decent but I easily get things confused as to The Who what where. I wrote a post today and I thanked the person I couldn’t remember for recommending an eye shadow to me and this was on my post. So I’m afraid I failed your test miserably. Not remembering doesn’t mean people don’t read…it just means they don’t take everything to the grave. My husband doesn’t remember what I said ten minutes ago…sometimes there’s a lot of irons in the fire…like now…the only thing I truly remember is what I need to do for my dad for his health/insurance. Outside of that, I have a very long to do list painstakingly inscribed with things like walk dog and change cat litter


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