Look, Ma! I created a store!

In my quest to figure out ways I can spend my time creatively without going broke, I’ve designed a few products related to this blog  (and some that are just for fun) that make me a buck or two in commission if you decide to buy them.

I’ve been breaking these rules a bit lately, so here’s a little “smudge” that reminds me (I take my morning coffee in one of these, to give me a little smile and a little inspiration):

The other side has the logo on it. Ha! My mug, on your mug!

Also, don’t forget my first “featured product:”

I started this blog as a way to make something positive out of grief after my husband died. I’m trying to live with love and laughter, and that involves both giving and receiving forgiveness.

Anyway, hope you like the shirt. There’s some mugs with the same message, too, and a shirt with a heart on the sleeve, and a “branded” tote bag and that middle-aged woman rules mug.  I’m waiting on the availability of a different type of shirt to put my “World Class Worrier” design on, for all my OCD sisters, and there are a few other shirts in my “three words” collection. I’ll let you take a look yourselves, and I’ll let you know if or when I add anything new.

Hope you find something you like and thanks for your support.