Update on the Update

I promised some actual content today, and it’s there, on my Books and Music page. I’ve fixed a few glitches with how images were displaying on the pages accessed by the main menu up there, so things should look a bit better, now.

I deleted the “donate” button, because I’ve got a job now (Woot woot!) and nobody ever donated a dime, anyway – Ha!

But I also remembered, I have a store!   Commerce, instead of a handout! I updated a product or two, and everything I’m highlighting today has the heart-on-my-sleeve- heart (the one on my shirt in the logo image up there) somewhere on it. Clever me! In time for Valentine’s Day!

Seriously, the baseball style shirt is pretty flattering and the heart-on-your-sleeve shirt now should be available in several colors in addition to black. Hope you find something you like, or just have fun looking.

Angelic Daughter asked for Dad’s magic chicken soup today (really an excuse to consume otherwise forbidden noodle-carbs) and it’s all made, so if I can stay awake long enough I might come up with an actual blog post for you by tomorrow morning.  Maybe. Don’t bet on it. But before Wednesday for sure!

Until then, I remain,

your trying to cram everything from shopping to cleaning to writing into a few hours on the weekend (um, oh yeah, like everyone else with a full-time job! Huzzah!) ,



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